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130: She lives! Hide the booze.

I'm not quite off hiatus yet, for the sole reason that I haven't made any icons. But they will be coming soon, rest assured. Some Def Leppard, some Motley Crue, and most likely some Indiana Jones because I am pumped. Are you pumped? Because I am. Are you? Of course you are.

The point of this post is I have a new community for ramblings on music, and since I know a number of you are here for the glam metal icons, I figured you'd be up for some glam metal discussions. (Not so much discussions as My Opinions Which Everyone Will Love And Despair.) (I kid.) (Maybe.) Go check out glambootson if you're interested.

Again, I promise an update soon! And may Steven Tyler hold me to that promise. Oh, please, Steven, hold me.
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